• Discover: Jennifer Clair

    ~ British Couture at it's finest ~ Meet Jennifer, founder and creative director of British couture brand Jennifer Clair.  With her extraordinary fresh take on classic couture, Jennifer Clair is one of the most covetable brands of today. At Geraldine London we value craftsmanship and slow fash... View Post
  • DISCOVER: Bozena Jankowska

     "Doing a few things, but doing them well" - Bozena Jankowska This, in our opinion, sums up sustainability luxury designer Bozena Jankowska's ethos. Never compromising on quality or her principles, Bozena respects every step of her craft and the impact it has on the world. Since launching, Boz... View Post
  • 3 Quick and easy lockdown hair tips!

    Here we go again. With the UK’s hair salons closed again, what on earth are we to do with our hair? Do we simply give up and accept our dishevelled look on daily work Zoom calls? Let’s be honest, gone are the days we spend more than 5 minutes getting ready. No one is going to blow dry their hair ... View Post
  • Geraldine London, the most comfortable headbands in the world?

    Headaches, jaw-aches, earaches, brain-aches… four common symptoms of a poorly fitted and poorly crafted alice band.   When launching Geraldine London, our founder Alexia Genta not only wanted to seize the opportunity of designing the most beautiful everyday crowns for the modern queen (fashioned ... View Post
  • The Duchess of Netflix wears Geraldine London

    Our top knot headband on the cover of You Magazine worn by none other than Katherine Ryan, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Netflix.  View Post
  • Winter is coming, and she’s wearing a headband.

    It’s not only the leaves that are changing colour at Geraldine London. Since the launch of our first autumn collection of designer head bands and scrunchies a few weeks ago, we’ve been focusing on one thing with each new luxury hair accessory we release – the fabrics!  It’s safe to say that at Ge... View Post
  • Made in Belgravia: Geraldine London featured in Belgravia Magazine

    The past few weeks have been tough on all of us and has affected us all mentally. What kept me sane in these difficult times was the fight. The fight to save my business and keep paying my seamstress while creating something beautiful. I am beyond overwhelmed with gratitude for the amount of supp... View Post
  • 5 Tips for a More Sustainable Wardrobe

    When it comes to fashion, making ethical and sustainable choices isn’t always easy for consumers, particularly with the rise of ‘fast fashion’ and the significant drop in clothing prices over the last 20 years. Today, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after th... View Post