3 Quick and easy lockdown hair tips!

Here we go again. With the UK’s hair salons closed again, what on earth are we to do with our hair? Do we simply give up and accept our dishevelled look on daily work Zoom calls? Let’s be honest, gone are the days we spend more than 5 minutes getting ready. No one is going to blow dry their hair and carefully straighten one strand at a time. If it is only your colleague in Marketing that will witness your look on Zoom, is it even worth it?!


As my friend and headband lover Emily Clarke of Busy Bee Well says: “Dressing well and looking good is a form of self-care and should set the stage for a well-lived day”. It is in fact true that when we look good, we feel good. So let’s look at a couple of tricks to fix your dishevelled locks in just a few moments.


Reboot your roots

For those who have never done this, it is actually pretty easy! I have been doing my mum’s roots throughout lockdown 1.0 and it really did lift her mood hugely! Following Neville’s Hair and Beauty’s top colourist advice Seniz Alkan I used Josh Wood Colour Kit on her hair.  The whole process took no time and requires no experience.



Use eye shadow


What does eye shadow have to do with anything?! Well, it can be a perfect substitute to a root touch-up product. Just make sure it is matt eyeshadow (don’t want your scalp to shimmer!) 

I also recommend Colour WOW Root Cover Up – it is mess free, very easy to apply and perfect for a quick touch up in between colouring your hair.




Not only can a headband distract attention from any colour or cut issues you might have right now, but accessories also instantly update your hair – and your look. Padded, printed, knotted and beaded, the preppy headband has been elevated to the hero hair accessory of the year.


The best headbands offer a quick, easy and stylish solution to our isolation hair woes, plus they suit every face shape. Bright coloured headbands bring light to your face, instantly giving you a little glow.


Email me on contact@geraldinelondon.com if you want any advice on your lockdown hair, it would be my pleasure to help you!