An Introduction to Headbands

Since the birth of the golden wreath worn by decedent Romans and Greeks, to the modern-day Alice band (a name inspired by the author Lewis Caroll), the headband has been a timeless accessory admired by generations. The headband has been used as a tool to demonstrate achievement, to make a fashion statement, to smarten up an outfit or even as a piece to push back the misplaced hairs when growing out a fringe, there is no doubt in its importance in the world of accessories.

At Geraldine London, our upcycled headbands are made using the finest haute couture materials in many different styles, colours and textures – all beautiful, and all handmade in our London workshop by our talented seamstresses!

 We wanted to share a list of our favourite types of headbands and make suggestions for what could be paired with them for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration!


Knots, knots and more knots


A flattering favourite that can really tie a whole look together (excuse the pun). Aside from elongating the face and highlighting features, this on trend design enhances any casual jeans/white t-shirt/blazer combo whilst being versatile enough to be a central focus for a cocktail dress.


Alice (in wonder)Band

 This iconic headpiece, loved by royals, politicians and school children alike, is the most recent 90s revival in the accessory department. Padded, beaded, braided, tartan – whatever the style, many turn to it to complete carefully selected outfits, or more simply, to create an easy last-minute hairstyle. We love throwing on our bands to either soften a suit or better still, covered in beads and pearls for the more adventurous fashionistas that want jewellery for their hair!


Sport bands  

A too easily forgotten member of the headband family, the sports headband is known more for its practicality rather than its personality. Championed by both sexes and favoured in the summer sporting circles, nothing reflects a hard-earned Wimbledon Championship title quite like a well-used sports band.


Bridal bands and flower crowns

Beautiful hair accessories are sought after by the majority of brides for their wedding day – to us, this means bridal headbands and flower crowns! A delicately placed, elegantly garnished headband or flower crown positioned below a bride’s veil can be the showpiece of bridal hairstyle and really focus the attention on the eyes and smiles on the big day.