From alterations to headbands - a brief story of Geraldine London's journey

From alterations to luxury hair accessories, I look back on the journey that led me to Geraldine London during COVID-19.

“This year will be my year” I say to myself on the 1st of Jan 2020. The plan? To grow my alterations business, increase partnerships and start offering international fittings. Looking back, it all sounds so far away!

When COVID-19 happened, our atelier had to be shut temporarily. We missed our busiest season and are definitely not going to offer international fittings. As a business owner this experience was so painful. But something far more beautiful happened since. I created Geraldine London, a luxury hair accessory brand. In exactly 3 weeks, we created a beautiful stock of headbands and scrunchies made from up-cycled fabrics, a brand, a website and all that comes with it. We sold out in a matter of weeks and were featured in WWD and the Daily Mail. And that’s not even the best part! Since launch we were able to donate an initial £2,000 to Women’s Aid, a charity that does incredible work for women suffering from domestic abuse and that I will continue to support.  

I fight everyday to keep my business going. My weapon of choice? A dazzling headband! Who knew that the answer for entrepreneur anxiety is simply more work?!