Geraldine London, the most comfortable headbands in the world?

Headaches, jaw-aches, earaches, brain-aches… four common symptoms of a poorly fitted and poorly crafted alice band.


When launching Geraldine London, our founder Alexia Genta not only wanted to seize the opportunity of designing the most beautiful everyday crowns for the modern queen (fashioned with only the most luxurious fabrics in the land), she also chose to position comfort on top of the Geraldine London list of priorities for the perfect designer head band. 


Following multiple tests and trials of a variety of head band characteristics (such as shape, stretch, pressure, tension, compression, softness, hardness and weight), the Geraldine London team designed what they hoped to be the most comfortable head band in the world – a head band that doesn’t hurt. Ever. 


And the results are in.


Tried and proven by our clientele, our head bands come to surprise even the most experienced “head bander” with their total absence of temple pressure and headaches. Every one of our luxury head bands use the same no-pain design that is a well-guarded secret at Geraldine London.


“The Most Comfortable headband I ever owned”


No matter how wide your head is, we guarantee you that our headbands will feel so comfy, you won't want to take it off!