Why do powerful women wear headbands?

From politicians to business leaders, powerful women all over the world are opting for headbands.

It could be that they simply do not have the time to get dolled up and are always on the go. Nothing solves a bad hair day better than a headband.
But what if the reason, consciously or not, was a little bit deeper than this? Here are my top three reasons why women in politics wear headbands.


Politicians need to be seen and trusted. The headband exposes the face by keeping the hair back so that their audience as well as photographers can capture their every facial expression and feel they have nothing to hide.
I can only assume that this was a key accessory for Hillary Clinton who was first pictured wearing a headband during her husband’s campaign in 1992 and was again seen with the hair accessory when she, herself was a candidate to the US presidential election.


Firstly, a headband gives the impression of a clean and finished look. The face is framed and the hair is neat. However just like men can express themselves with their choice of ties, ladies can do so with headbands. For example, a simple thin band style band is preppy: intellectual but feminine. A braided headband is more stylish and attracts more attention. In any case, the headband also reminds people that the wearer is a woman, and not afraid to show it.


Think about the speeches in extreme windy conditions. How to make sure your audience is listening to what you are saying if your hair is flying in your face? A lot of women do not enjoy having their hair up and find having their hair down reassuring. The headband to the rescue!


Politicians desire power, and what ladies are perceived as the most powerful in history? Yes you got it… Queens. Queens who wear crowns. It would obviously be a little OTT to wear a crown to a political gathering but the headband gives a little height and light to the face reminiscent of the crown. 

Could the headband be an expression of their subliminal wish to wear a crown?