Winter is coming, and she’s wearing a headband.

It’s not only the leaves that are changing colour at Geraldine London. Since the launch of our first autumn collection of designer head bands and scrunchies a few weeks ago, we’ve been focusing on one thing with each new luxury hair accessory we release – the fabrics! 

It’s safe to say that at Geraldine London, we are fabric-obsessed. The fall collection, as well as the beautiful new and intricate Bouclés family, are all born from a desire to create a range of timeless staples with modern and contemporary silhouettes where the carefully selected materials take center stage. 

Hand-made by our seamstresses, each luxury head band or designer scrunchie are crafted with only the highest quality up-cycled fabrics. From Loro Piana cashmere to Gucci silk for our Gucci head bands, we’re proud that this is what sets us apart. All our pieces are of the highest quality and, if not unique, very limited editions.

Each head band or scrunchie design serves its own purpose. For a look that would dress up any office wear, our Suit Up! collection is made from Italian menswear suit fabrics – a luxurious power statement to say the least! Few fabrics are better known for their superior quality, comfort and spectacular attention to detail that comes from Italians pioneering weaving technics over thousands of years. The weaving patterns of Italian-made fabrics are truly unique – as are our head bands in fact!


The list goes on with elegant and modern materials like camel wool, houndstooth wool and Loro Piana cashmere – all prima ballerinas and limited edition in our fall collection. These pieces were particular points of pride for Geraldine London as thick wool headbands require extensive knowledge and sewing techniques that we’re proud to show off! 

The star of the show and new IT girl at Geraldine London has to be our Bouclés, our most ambitious and unique collection yet. Taking its very name from the beautiful material with which it is made, each of these limited-edition luxury head bands are born from upcycled designer fabrics that simply ooze quality, style and sophistication. Bouclés is a rainbow collection where there are pieces and colours for all occasions – from uplifting pinks to formal navy blues. 

In addition to the celebration of expensive materials and beautiful colors, most of the designs are available in three different-sized models: The SuperWide, The Classic Padded and the Mini. The SuperWide headband is a contemporary take on the classic Alice band and makes a statement without overpowering the head with padding. Worn slightly angled on the head it even looks like a modern crown! The Classic Padded is elegantly padded for a subtle volume on the head. The Mini is a narrower band, suitable for both adults and children and is great from a more subtle touch.