Fall 2020

Meet our Fall 2020 timeless staples. The silhouettes are modern and the details are sophisticated with only one star of the show: the fabric. We only use up-cycled and remnant designer fabrics. The fabric we use is extremely high end - from Loro Piana cashmere to Gucci silk. This is what makes all the difference: all our pieces are extremely high quality and limited edition.

Our Camel wool, Houndstooth wool and Loro Piana cashmere headbands and scrunchies are the stars of the show. So elegant and modern, these pieces are made from the finest wool and required a lot of craftsmanship to make them.

Most designs are available in three models: The SuperWide, The Classic Padded  and the Mini. The SuperWide headband is a contemporary take on the classic Alice band and makes a statement without overpowering the head with padding. Worn slightly angled on the head it looks like a modern crown. The Classic Padded is elegantly padded for a subtle volume on the head. The Mini is a narrower band, suitable for both adults and children.