About Us

Mindfully Handmade in London during the Pandemic

“Gēraldine London would never have happened without COVID-19. Every cloud has a silver lining, and Gēraldine London is mine.”

When London entered lockdown as COVID-19 spread across the UK, I was faced with a difficult situation: with businesses essentially closed, how to avoid furloughing my staff?

My choice was to adapt and to launch a new venture. A month later, after endless rounds of video calls with my haute couture trained seamstress and a huge stock of designer fabrics accumulated from years of high-end alterations, luxury hair accessory brand Gēraldine London was born.

Shutting my alterations business was a painful and devastating experience, because I had built it from scratch. But more than that, I felt responsible for my staff and looked for solutions to save our livelihood. For my seamstress to work from home, I needed to find a small product to manufacture as she didn’t have much space. I’d always loved headbands – they bring light to women’s faces and instantly elevates their style – and so did my seamstress. So we embarked on this incredible adventure together. Gēraldine London has not only allowed me stay afloat financially, but also kept me sane throughout these difficult times. It is my silver lining and I am so grateful for it.

Thankful, Grateful and truly Blessed 

This extraordinary journey could not have been possible without all of your support from clients to journalists.

After less than a year of business, our headbands were already featured in key publications, including WWD, Daily Mail, You Magazine and Daily Telegraph. 

This is a story about women supporting other women. You supporting me meant I could support my seamstress and donate to Women's Aid. We couldn't have done without you!

Conscious Luxury

We care about the planet and are conscious about waste.

Each hair accessory is handmade using up-cycled designer fabrics we accumulated from years of altering and making couture and luxury garments. We also receive fabric remnants from designer brands and fabric shops. 

This means that every piece is a limited edition and once it is gone we cannot produce more. 


Women's Aid

As hard as life is for many of us right now, for some, good health and happiness are out of their hands. Confined at home with an abuser strikes me as scarier than most things I can imagine. This is why I have chosen to donate 20% of sales to Women's Aid's appeal Live Chat, aimed at giving women experiencing domestic abuse online expert help.

Business for the sake of business no longer feels natural. Everyone could use a little self-love these days. I hope Geraldine London can provide you that dose of conscious luxury.